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More emails with Inger-Ritha Olsen, leader of child protection services, Rana municipality

So, I emailed some more with Inger-Ritha Olsen, and I have not seen a response since I emailed her last Friday, 4 days ago. I have also not seen a vacation message saying she for example moved to Spain and married her Spanish lawyer.

So here are the messages, I think they are pretty self-explanatory. Translated, originals are here and here.

To: Inger-Ritha Olsen
Cc: Lawyer, Healthcare, Family counselling, Rana court, Trøndelag County Manager office
Bcc: Dad, police
Subject: Recommended tapering speed, Seroquel
Date: Friday, 16th of March 2018, 19:02

Hi again Inger-Ritha.

There was one thing I was wondering about. It is the case that I want more contact with the kids.

I've made this clear to the kids, because I feel it is important that they know I want more contact, because they will then feel wanted.

[Comment: It's been recommended to me that I keep the conflict level down when talking to the kids, because they shouldn't have to take sides, manage the stress etc. at their age]

But what's your opinion about [the oldest son] being separated from me, and me having little contact with [the youngest son]?

How does this affect their mental health, in the short term and the long term? What about their personality?

They must have understood by now, that things aren't alright now, or later. Who is going to explain things to them?

What does a child feel, if it can see that one parent is fake, and hinders contact with the other parent, and the child is caught up in that situation?

What does [the oldest son] feel if he finds sensitive and partially incorrect information about me, and [the kids mom] has set that up?



Email 2

To: Inger-Ritha Olsen
Cc: Lawyer, Healthcare, Family counselling, Rana court, Trøndelag county manager office
Bcc: Dad, police
Date: Monday, 19th of March 2018, 19:57

Hi again Inger-Ritha.

If I don't see a reply on this email by 1500 Tuesday, I will blog about this as well.



[Permalink] [By morphex] [Family (Atom feed)] [20 Mar 15:45 Europe/Oslo]

Some emails with Inger-Ritha Olsen, leader of child protection services, Rana municipality

So, I haven't seen the kids in person since November 2017, and I've had one video chat with the kids this year.

I've asked for more physical meet-ups, and video chats, but the kids mom is not cooperating.

So my lawyer sent a letter last week, asking that the kids mom agrees to supervision from the state so I can see the kids, be relaxed about seeing the kids and also fulfilling the kids moms "needs" to be assured things are going OK.

I exchanged some emails with Inger-Ritha Olsen today, leader of the child protection services in Rana municipality. I've been in contact with her several times, and also sent "concern messages" regarding the kids well-being. My impression is that the kids want to see me more, but the kids mom doesn't respect that.

So yes, today I emailed her (email 1, email 2 and email 3 on the tail of that email thread), and she has been droning on about this not being a matter for the child protection services, that the kids mom makes it difficult to see the kids or that she has used them to blackmail me/harass me sexually.

On that last email I asked Inger-Ritha if it is tolerable that a mom makes it difficult for the dad to see the kids, if the dad rejects a sexual relationship with the mom. I've seen the kids 2-3 hours on average each month since the summer of 2013.

And the mental health professionals in the court case in the summer of 2015 painted a glorious picture of the kids mom, despite her selfish actions.

With the court case in 2015 which looks like a joke, I have no other real option than to go for a minimum of time seeing the kids in court the next time, because that is what would be difficult to lose on in court, and I wouldn't have to bear the court costs of the kids mom when "losing" a case.

And the court costs for the previous case are something I have to pay, and it was 80.000 NOK, but is now according to the mom, close to 100.000 NOK. That more than 8000-10000 euros, or 10-13000 US dollars. So the kids mom is earning interest on a court case she saw as "necessary", and I have an income of under 200.000 NOK per year.

I have not seen a reply from Inger-Ritha Olsen yet on my last questions.

Email 1 has been edited to remove the name of the kids mom, and may look slightly different.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Family (Atom feed)] [15 Mar 19:01 Europe/Oslo]

Sex in the 21st century (an email to my lawyer)

So, after my experiences in life, I decided to email my lawyer the other day, to clarify some things about sexual relations with women.

I thought it would be good to share this email with you all, so here it is translated. I'm not using the name of the lawyer, because I don't know if he wants it to be disclosed.

To: Lawyer
From: Morten
Subject: Question about kids from one-night stands, relationships etc.

Hi Lawyer.

I guess I feel open about being in a relationship again, but I am worried about getting into another situation with a woman making it difficult to see the kids, getting pregnant "by accident" etc.

So I was wondering if I sleep with a woman one night, and she becomes pregnant, does one then have to pay child-support for 18-21 years?

Can one make a deal [sign a contract] before sleeping together, where one disclaims any responsibility, that kids are not planned etc.?

Does something like that need a signature, or would an SMS suffice?



[Permalink] [By morphex] [Health (Atom feed)] [05 Mar 20:39 Europe/Oslo]

The kids mom is not cooperating

So, I heard at the start of this week, that the kids mom is coming to Steinkjer this weekend, from my mom.

The kids mom has rejected meeting me in a public play park in Steinkjer today, because I won't sign an agreement she has dictated, regarding seeing the kids.

So after using the kids to try to get sex, then trying to get me to keep my mouth shut, she is now using them to get an agreement she has dictated, and she won't answer simple questions about the agreement. I have no trust in the kids mom, so I can't sign an agreement where I am forced to be at her place, with only her family around.

She will not setup meets in public places, for example in kids play parks, which I know the kids enjoy.

So rather symbolically, I stopped by the Trondheim train station today, to show that I was there and ready to take the train about 200 KMs to see the kids, but the kids mom would not set it up.

Morten standing in front of the departure screen at the trainstation

Because the kids mom has been difficult for over 4,5 years now, I am now publishing the latest email thread, where the man married to the kids mom twin sister, is acting as a negotiatior. I'm also showing the last SMS sent to the kids mom, confirming that my understanding is that she will not let me see the kids in a public place.

The SMS was sent yesterday, Friday, today is Saturday.

Because these last files contain names, I am blocking web indexing spiders, so that it will not be possible to search by their name on Google for example and find this blog post.

I think that's a fair compromise, between upping the sanctions to get a solution, and protecting privacy.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Family (Atom feed)] [03 Feb 14:14 Europe/Oslo]

Charges pressed against the Norwegian police, and the Norwegian health care system

So, earlier today I filed a police report, filed a report, reported the police and health care system, to the police. And to the justice department.

In english, the content of that report was (roughly translated):

Subject: Charges pressed against the Norwegian police, and the Norwegian health care system
Cc: Sveinung Hestad Strand <>


I want to press charges against the Norwegian police, and the Norwegian health care system, for the legally punishable actions they have made, in connection with the case that the woman I have two children with, has made it difficult to see the kids since the summer 2013, as well as other things.

And by actions, I mean that choosing to not do something, is an active choice/action as well.

It looks like the kids mom also before the summer 2013, laid plans to make it difficult for me to see the kids, and I have a reason to also consider that she could have done things, before the firstborn was born, which later could be used in manipulation, making it difficult to see the kids etc.

After a round in court and 4,5 years, it is still difficult to get simple things regarding seeing the kids done. One week before the first time I was seeing the kids after going to court, I was in an accident that could have resulted in paralysis and/or death.

A signed copy of these charges is coming soon.

<signature, date>
<different identification and contact information.>

A PDF of the signed document is here:

[Permalink] [By morphex] [I will soon be reporting the police in Trondheim and Mo i Rana, and the health care system, to the police, for their criminal (in)actions (Atom feed)] [27 Jan 21:34 Europe/Oslo]

I will soon be reporting the police in Trondheim and Mo i Rana, and the health care system, to the police, for their criminal (in)actions

In a recent calculation, I found that since the summer 2013, I've seen the kids on average, 2-3 hours each month. And that is something I have worked (too) hard at getting.

So the kids mom and I have been in a conflict since then. I think it is safe to say that the situation is about as bad today, as it was in the summer 2013; in other words, it has not improved.

I have been in contact with the police in Mo i Rana, and Trondheim and they have been well informed, and the health care system has also been well informed since 2009/2010. Other state instances have also been informed / in the loop at times.

The last time I went to the police at Trondheim central police station, the person receiving my complaint regarding the kids mom, smiled and shrugged at me, calling it a matter for a civil suit. I've already been to court once.

I think it has been well documented that the kids mom is not cooperating, and I have seen little action from the police. And from what I see in the law text, if one parent makes it difficult for the other parent to see the kids, without reason, that is a criminal offence.

So I am within days, going to sign and send a document where I am reporting the police and the state health care system for their criminal (in)actions. It will be sent to the police in Trondheim, the police in Mo i Rana and the local health care branch. It will also be sent to what I guess translates to the internal affairs branch of the police.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Family (Atom feed)] [26 Jan 21:44 Europe/Oslo]

Questioning mental health experts in the Norwegian court

So.. it's been well over 2 years since the court case, which I participated in to get to see my kids and clear up some things about the kids mom, after many unfortunate acts and questionable behaviour.

When I was in court the summer 2015, and afterwards, it felt like a weird experience, for different reasons. But looking back at the whole process, there are a lot of questionable things going on.

But a week ago, I sent an email to the court-appointed mental health experts that were to evaluate me and the kids mom. In their report and in court, they said that the kids mom had no narcissistic or sociopathic traits.

I don't have any formal psychological education, but with my experience of the kids mom and life in general, I find that hard to believe.

So in this email I asked the mental health experts in what was called "INSTITUTT FOR KLINISK FOREBYGGENDE TILTAK AS" [Edit: LTD replaced with AS] (loosely translated to "INSTITUTE FOR CLINICALLY PREVENTATIVE MEASURES LTD" [Edit: Added LTD]), now called "KLINISK KOMPETANSETEAM AS" (loosely translated to "CLINICAL COMPETENCE TEAM LTD"), if they could clarify what they meant by saying that the kids mom had no narcissistic or sociopathic traits, and also say something about how likely it is in general that a person does not have a trait in one of those categories.

It looks like that email was sent 09:05 AM on the 21st of December, and counting the 21st, 22nd, 27th and 28th as working days, I have not seen a response on email, regular snail mail or my phone from these mental health experts. I would think that they could at least give an indication that they would or would not answer in 4 working days.

As for my timing right around Christmas eve, well the case was submitted to the court right before Christmas 2014, by the kids mom. And this is their j-o-b.

It should be mentioned that I filed a complaint to the police against these mental health experts earlier, for false testimony. I have not heard anything from the police regarding this, which is interesting in itself. But I was at the Trondheim police station some weeks ago, wanting to file a complaint against the kids mom, but the person receiving me smiled, shrugged it off and called it a private matter and something that belongs in a civil suit(...).

I've previously written about these mental health experts here:

On a last note, I've talked to other people regarding this, and it seems that equality for mom and dad isn't a reality here in Norway. That's one thing, another might be regional politics, meaning old-fashioned culture and/or a need to keep the population numbers growing.

To me it is clear that the kids mom has played me for some years now, but I doubt she or those directly around her has the muscle to pull off all of this, all by themselves.

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Raspberry Pi as a WiFi uplink point for cable switch

So.. to keep myself entertained and work a bit with technical things I haven't worked a lot with earlier, I dug out the old Raspberry Pi and figured I could use it as an uplink for a switch I recently bought.

So basically I have

  The internet -> Apartment router -> My WiFi Router -> Raspberry Pi with Wifi -> Switch -> Computer x,y,z

This enables me to setup computers with internet, by just plugging them into the switch with an Ethernet cable. The ISC DHCP server is running on the Raspberry Pi, and deals out the necessary bits to each computer so that it gets internet access.

You can see the switch as well as the Pi on the following picture:

Raspberry Pi and ethernet switch with LED lights

Now I thought the whole thing was a bit daunting and didn't know where to start, but some recipes on the net made things fairly easy, and I do know a bit about networking etc. from earlier on.

Now, the Raspberry Pi has a DHCP server running, which deals out IP addresses, gateway etc. to each computer that connects to the switch.

The DHCP server is configured basically like this and listens on the Raspberry Ethernet port, eth0:

option domain-name "";
option domain-name-servers;

default-lease-time 600;
max-lease-time 7200;

ddns-update-style none;

subnet netmask {
        option routers;

But the Pi also has to know how to send data to and from the computers that are hooked up to the switch, and here's a script that sets that up:

echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o wlan0 -j MASQUERADE
iptables -A FORWARD -i wlan0 -o eth0 -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT
iptables -A FORWARD -i eth0 -o wlan0 -j ACCEPT

Using those two bits, and using the built-in WiFi configuration in raspi-config, I setup a network for easy internet access in a couple of hours.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Technology (Atom feed)] [27 Dec 00:26 Europe/Oslo]

I have a problem, and it is just not with my kids mom

So, it seems I have a problem not only with the kids mom, but also with the health system and bureaucracy.

Some 8 years ago, I started taking medication to treat psychosis, and it was a medication called Seroquel.

The long-term side-effects of Seroquel can be diabetes and heart disease, so I was a bit surprised when the psychiatrist was negative towards me starting to exercise regularly, my physician wasn't overly positive and the NAV bureaucracy that doles out money to me wouldn't set it up as something they would sponsor.

So it seems that the system doesn't mind that I can get diabetes, because it is treatable. At the same time, I guess it advances the medical sciences. [Added a bit later: I guess it is more correct to say that diabetes is *manageable*]

Also, confidential and partially incorrect information has been abused, which means I don't trust the way confidential information is used and find it better to not talk to a psychiatrist at this point.

I'm in a situation now, 2,5 years after going to court with the kids mom, where the interest for her court costs, which I have to pay, is 1000 kroner, has a big impact on my economy. [Added a bit later: That is 1000 kroner per month]

I think the situation would have been different if I had been in an institution initially for a longer time and treated differently, instead of taking a medication that not only treats psychotic symptoms.

But I guess it is a lot cheaper to give a patient pills, and leave him with a person that later turns out would make it very difficult to see the kids, among other things. And if the patient happens to get diabetes, I guess that would be sad, but at the same time it advances the medical sciences.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Health (Atom feed)] [14 Dec 17:22 Europe/Oslo]

Recording multiple audio input streams on Linux

I guess one of the important things for me dabbling with music, is the ability to perform using only a guitar and my voice. Piano and vocal is another thing I'd like to do, but maybe a bit later. So when I'm able to play the guitar and sing at the same time, why not record both at the same time.

So, I was looking at the possibility of recording the guitar and the vocal microphone at the same time, using Audacity.

I also googled a bit and it was a lot of yada yada expensive sound cards.

Now I have a built-in soundcard on the motherboard of my desktop computer, I also had a USB stick soundcard lying around.

So why not plug in the USB card and see if I can setup a system where I record guitar and vocal using two separate sound cards?

The sound system on my Fedora desktop is ALSA:

[morphex@localhost ~]$ ps uaxww|grep alsa
root 874 0.0 0.0 17160 2892 ? SNs nov.26 0:00 /usr/sbin/alsactl -s -n 19 -c -E ALSA_CONFIG_PATH=/etc/alsa/alsactl.conf --initfile=/lib/alsa/init/00main rdaemon
morphex 23598 0.0 0.0 119468 960 pts/5 S+ 19:00 0:00 grep --color=auto alsa
[morphex@localhost ~]$

And to get a list of recording devices, I used

[morphex@localhost ~]$ arecord -l
**** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices ****
card 0: Megalodon [Razer Megalodon], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]
  Subdevices: 1/1
  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
card 1: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 0: ALC1150 Analog [ALC1150 Analog]
  Subdevices: 1/1
  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
card 1: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 2: ALC1150 Alt Analog [ALC1150 Alt Analog]
  Subdevices: 1/1
  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
card 3: Device [USB PnP Sound Device], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]
  Subdevices: 1/1
  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
[morphex@localhost ~]$

I guess the most complicated part of getting this multi-source recording to work was getting the arecord commands right. But here's the recording script:

[morphex@localhost ~]$ cat
arecord -D hw:1,0 -f S16_LE -d 360 -c2 -r 44100 voice.wav &> voice.wav.log&
arecord -D hw:3,0 -f S16_LE -d 360 -c1 -r 44100 guitar.wav &> guitar.wav.log&
[morphex@localhost ~]$

arecord gave an obscure message which led me to try -c2 as an argument on the first command, and there was also some sampling rate issues so I set both sampling rates to 44100.

I was worried about syncing issues on a setup like this, but importing both wav files into Audacity and working on them from there, there were no issues with one track lagging behind the other. I can't notice any guitar echo on the vocal mic on the recording below.

So there you have it, fairly simple and cheap to setup a multi-input-source recording system on Linux.

You can hear the result here:;feature=yout...

I also created that video using kdenlive, which is about the simplest and best video editor I've found on Linux. I'm not an advanced video editor, and it was fairly easy to get results using kdenlive.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Music (Atom feed)] [27 Nov 18:58 Europe/Oslo]

License to chill

So, a while ago I got a stretch at the top of my gluteus maximus (or right butt-cheek if you will), which was quite painful.

After that, I got different pain medications from my doctor, used towards max recommended dosage in the beginning and then tapered it off. Now I'm on Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Tramadol:

Picture of Tramadol slow release, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen

A key thing about taking this pain medication, is that it makes it a lot easier to stretch out the core muscles and the leg muscles, when it is very painful if the muscles haven't been warmed up.

So these days I exercise 2-3 days in a row, stretch and take as little pain medication as possible, and then have a resting day. On the resting day it is nice to just rest, and do as little as possible, and then I take a Tramadol slow release tablet, then 3-4 hours after that take a Paracetamol and Ibuprofen tablet. From what I gather, it takes 4-5 hours for the Tramadol to peak, and about 1 hour for the Paracetamol and Ibuprofen to peak. So now in about 45 minutes I should be at the peak effect of all of these drugs, and I've also had some cups of coffee which also has a pain-killing effect.

Then I'll do some stretches, and take Paracetamol and Ibuprofen again in about 5 hours, and try to stretch at least 5 times today. I also have a massaging device which can be applied to the affected areas to increase the blood-flow, which should help heal and repair damage.

But I guess a key question is why I'm still on pain medication, as the original stretch in the butt seems to have healed and now I have a problem with the right bottom part of the foot twisting outwards when I sit resting towards a wall. I noticed that my feet (maybe only right foot) weren't responding properly well before this stretch, so it might have something to do with the bus accident a couple of years ago, or even go further back.

So I'm on a two-pronged "attack" now, to see if blame should/could be put on the bus company or earlier medical treatment that was not good enough. It might I am to blame for most or all of it, but we'll see.

Anyway, here I am taking an opioid drug (Tramadol) when I could've perhaps used a cannabinoid painkiller instead. Makes me wonder if old political rhetoric is still ruling our modern lives with an iron fist. 😕

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Health (Atom feed)] [09 Nov 16:08 Europe/Oslo]

What is the Norwegian police up to?

So, I sent in a formal complaint to the police at the end of February this year, 2017.

It was a formal complaint about the mental health professionals who made a report, and a sworn testimony, during the trial the summer 2015 about my kids, me and their mom.

I haven't heard anything back about it, and recently I had to ask twice for a receipt, reporting another incident which happened a couple of years ago, which could have left med paralyzed or dead.

Now I thought to myself that I would refrain from blogging about this in the interest of keeping the collaboration climate between me and the kids mom cooler, but when the actions of the police on the one hand is difficult to understand, and the kids mom still doesn't collaborate in a satisfactory fashion, I think I have the right and need to blog about it.

I think there are a couple of key things here which should be mentioned. Since the summer 2013 I've had significant costs visiting my kids, and after raising the issue many times over many years, I understood it that this february, we could split the cost 50/50 if all prior costs were forfeited. I think my costs are around 20-30.000 NOK now, and my current income is less than 200.000 NOK per year. A lot less than what the kids mom is earning. I do pay child support, and I don't have any child support debt.

Now this is when the law says that travel expenses for seeing the kids should be split between parents according to their income, and it was the kids mom that decided to move 500km north and away.

Another thing is the court expenses; since I "lost" the case, I have to pay the expenses for the kids mom's lawyer. These also have a 12% interest. When I tried to negotiate a solution through the lowest court or arbitrator of claims here in Norway, they were unable to get in touch with the kids mom.

And finally, I asked during recent negotations that I call the kids on videochat every week, and now the kids mom says it will only happen every 2 weeks - this without there being any major problems during the video chats that have been. But I did reject talking to the kids mom over videochat in that period.

Finally, here is an image with names redacted, of the complaint I made this year to the police. It is in Norwegian, I will translate it later.

Image of email reporting mental health professionals that worked for a court case to the police, in Norwegian

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A little autumn reflection.. ♫

Hand with autumn leaves, some stars at the bottom.  Text says I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my garden leaves

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Nature (Atom feed)] [19 Oct 17:31 Europe/Oslo]


Small dam with tadpoles

Sometimes the swimming pool is indeed too crowded.

Image from

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Health (Atom feed)] [29 Sep 17:48 Europe/Oslo]

Into the darkness I go..

So Hugh Hefner has passed. I thought this would be fitting.

Image of Hugh Hefner in a suit smoking a pipe, maybe in his thirties

Image taken from media pack at

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Installing and using Fedora Linux 26 on my desktop computer

So, this week I got to buy a used bass guitar for cheap, after having put up an advertisement that I wanted to buy one.

I live in an apartment complex, so using any rig to play music is not such a good idea, so I thought why not go the cheap route here as well, and try to use a software-based amplifier which should give some of the same sound as an amplifier.

Well, I also bought a cheap USB-pluggable sound card a while ago, so I thought I'd use that.. but that didn't work out too well, so I decided to upgrade the Ubuntu installation from version 16 to 17..

And that was a mistake. I think the problem was that I had made some customization to the USB setup etc. a while ago - and when I upgraded to the new software and settings it didn't mix well with what I did earlier.

So.... after a bit of back and forth trying different options, the one I ended up with was wiping out the old Linux swap partition and installing Fedora 26 on it, which should be OK as I do have 16 GBs of RAM.

So yeah, I ended up doing that, the installation was straightforward and booted up in the new environment.

The environment didn't look too good, as the NVIDIA graphics drivers had to be installed manually, and the default settings for appearance of the desktop were towards fast and snappy rather than pretty.

Installing the NVIDIA drivers was a process in itself, and it's hard to understand that there is a good reason for having to do this, this way, in 2017. I saw something about NVIDIA being worried about knock-off cards etc. - but if it is so easy to knock off the product maybe this is more about brand and perceived value. Or maybe NVIDIA is favouring the Windows platform and making it a bit harder for Linux to compete. "Dollars, anyone?"

Anyway, I found instructions for installing the graphic drivers here:

Which were straightforward. After tweaking the settings a bit, the desktop looks OK and here's a screenshot:

Screenshot of Fedora 26 Desktop with KDE Plasma

Another thing I had to deal with was the sound setup; I have multiple soundcards in my machine, one is built-in into the [Edit: replaced soundcard with motherboard] motherboard, another is in the NVIDIA graphics card and the third is in my USB gaming headset, the Razer Megalodon.

When I bought the headset about a year ago used, it was a bit of a process to set it up on Linux, but eventually it worked.

So I was a bit surprised when it worked out of the box after the installation, but when I tried playing music there was no sound; the system automatically preferred another sound card even though the Megalodon was the default sound card. After oogling and googling a bit, I found that I could disable the other sound cards by blacklisting their driver module in the kernel, adding "blacklist snd_hda_intel" to /etc/modprobe.d/sound.blacklist.conf.

So although the installation process is OK, the user-friendliness of Fedora is still a bit half-assed, no regular computer user can easily figure out how to blacklist a sound card, and it is difficult to setup the graphical appearance in the most appealing way.

[Update 2017-09-24] I decided to try out some gaming as well, and installing the Steam client looked like a good choice. However, even using the RPM Fusion repository, the Steam client failed with different errors. The fix for that was downgrading (...) the NVIDIA drivers from 384.90 to 375.82.

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I won't be voting in 2017

So, this year it is an election in Norway, for parliament.

A couple of days ago I was asked whether I'll vote and I said no, I don't feel like it.

When I gave it some thought, the thing that popped into my mind and persisted there without much else, was polishing a turd. You can polish a turd, but it is still a turd.

I took a test just now and it seems I have the same political orientation now as before, I guess I'm just disillusioned about how things actually work.

Seems I can't escape the election talk either; it's on the news all the time, and even ad-funded social media has ads that pop up here and there with simple political selling points for political parties.

FRP Facebook ad

Like this one, which says that the oil is going to get pumped up! Yes it will until there is not enough profit to be made, who cares.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Politics (and judicial matters) (Atom feed)] [10 Sep 16:47 Europe/Oslo]

Justice 2K

So, I was making myself some oat meal today, something I do regularly as it is filling, keeps me going and is quite healthy.

Lately I've also started exercising more, and because of that, I'm changing eating habits a bit, to get a variation and make it easier to eat those times I don't feel like eating.

So I bought some cherry compote the other day (kirsebær-kompott in Norwegian), and mixed that into the oat porridge today.

Tasted OK, and now I can mix some cherry into the food plan as well.

Oat meal with compote and skimmed milk

Anyway, I see the news now and then, read on the web and so on, and it is almost always the men who have done some atrocity, yada yada ya.

Seeing that men and women are different isn't difficult, but then again, you have for example yin and yang, where the masculine and feminine are equal but opposing forces.

So where are the female perpetrators? Is culture just laid up in a way that men often become so-called winners and losers, while women are more evenly spread around the average?

I guess there is some internal justice between women, and the fights are more subtle while men can get physical.

Oh well, I guess biologically it made sense for the women to stay around the cave as they got pregnant, while the men went out chasing food. And that this is something that echoes well into today.

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Going (c)old turkey

Last Saturday I quit using tobacco, Snus in my case. After having thought about it for a long time, over a year, I decided that enough is enough, and quit then and there.

It's now been a week and I think the worst of it is over, I had some trouble sleeping the entire night through a couple of days ago, but feel OK now.

I should have done this sooner. I'll save my health (heart rate is down 10-20), my money and I won't have another thing I *have* to have control over.

Here's probably the last box of Snus I've ever opened:

Holding a box of General snus

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Caught up in the Norwegian sausage factory

So, these 2 last days I've been able to see my kids, for 3 hours in a indoor play park and today for 2 hours were we did normal stuff.

I suggested 5 hours in the play park, but that wasn't possible, so it ended up being 3 hours.

I think the time we had together was nice, very good yesterday and OK today as the oldest one didn't seem like he was in great shape.

But I guess this is mostly a post to shake my fist at the system, as long as babies are born and the state gets its inhabitants, it doesn't seem like it matters much exactly how.

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Hello, ladies

So lately I've gotten around to exercising more, and since there has been some sunny days, I've also gotten a bit of a tan.

Now I might be imagining things, but it looks like I'm getting more attention from you ladies.

Which is nice, but since the situation is as it is, it would be nice if you're interested, that you send me an email, a message or something in written form.

I like a cute face, I like a nice personality.

[Update 2017-09-29] Again I'd like to repeat that the best way to get in touch with me is simply to send me a message. I'm not interested in playing games, and to guard myself against dyssocial female dogs etc. it's better this way. Life is short.

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Norway - a land of cheap but not so good health care?

So, I've been reflecting lately, on the situation I've come into, and how I got here.

I'd say that I've had serious mental health issues since the start of my teens, and that this has impacted me in a way that my life on average hasn't been so good since then.

I'd also say that I've worked hard since maybe around being 18-20 years old, and worked hard until I got psychotic in 2009.

My company Nidelven IT was on an upwards trend financially, but after I got sick I figured the best things was to hand over the 24/7 hosting and support to another company. This was done, and although I have my doubts on whether it was a good deal financially, a lot of customers have been taken care of.

But since I got psychotic, the finances of the company have gone steadily downwards, and at this point there is little money left in the company, which doesn't give much room for marketing, sales and so on - generating new opportunities for work and growth.

At the same time, it seems to me that the mom of my kids has been deceitful and negative for my overall health and I'm now in a position that I get to see my kids 4 hours every 6 weeks.

In addition to all of this, I'm in a bit of a hole financially, since I was in court in the summer of 2015 to get a verdict on seeing my kids, as well as an evaluation of the kids mom, an evaluation I don't put trust into and I've pressed charges for false testimony. That evaluation was done by Institutt for Klinisk Forebyggende Tiltak - Ikft AS.

I guess I've always had my pride, and wanted to handle things on my own, so after I got sick I had partial sick leave, then unemployment benefits, and now something called AAP - a benefit which kicks in for a period where your work abilities and health is evaluated and clarified.

But since I've tried to make things on my own and had a low income after I got sick, the AAP from NAV is based on a low income which translates into an income of <200.000 NOK in 2016. At the same time, I got the court costs for the kids mom, which was around 80.000 and with 12% interest it is now approaching 100.000 NOK.

I think it is possible I could've been in a better place today, if I had been treated in an institution after I got sick, instead of being home with a woman that I think hurt me more than did me good.

Since the start of 2010 I've been taking medication and going to therapy, and I've worked hard to be in an OK situation today regarding my mental and physical health.

But it doesn't seem fair or right that I'm in a financial squeeze and don't get to see my kids, when I've worked hard all my life. Would it have cost more to treat me in an institution? Yes. But I think it would have been less likely that I would have been in the situation I am today, and the kids would have had more contact with a parent that does have their best interest at heart.

I also don't know the long term effects of having been in a stressful relationship and situation and taking medication that does have negative long term effects.

If anything, I'd recommend signing a contract before having kids, so that the other party is bound to a minimum of reasonable behaviour. And talking to a lawyer regarding medical treatment, work, sick leave, unemployment benefits and NAV.

[Added 28th of December 2017] These mental health experts are now called "CLINICAL COMPETENCE TEAM LTD", and I've blogged more about them here:

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Is this war?

So, I got to see my kids this weekend, and it was nice. We had a good time and celebrated the birthday of the youngest one.

During these times with the kids, there is a person there from the state, in something called "supporting supervision". Which is something I wanted and agreed to in court, mostly because I didn't know what kind of tricks their mom could pull or stories she could cook up, with or without the help of others.

I talk a bit with the supervisor during these visits and she also talked in a war metaphor, about giving in etc. Which is interesting, because the mental health professionals that said the kids mom was "great" in court also said something like it at one point, and I believe before the problems seeing my kids started, the kids mom also used a war metaphor, saying something like "if you want war you'll get war".

Now it's interesting that the war metaphor is used. War is war, war has rules and you have to follow the law regardless.

It seems that the kids mom sees the war metaphor as doing whatever you like, even breaking the law, to reach whatever objective you have.

Before the final break up, we had an agreement that others (independent professionals) can and have verified about me seeing the kids 3 days every second weekend. But the kids mom never signed my copy, so the police in Mo i Rana wouldn't do anything when the kids mom cut me off from the kids.

In addition to that, the kids moms said that she would like to have a relationship, also a purely sexual one, before the final break-up. When I didn't want a relationship with her, things got difficult. (Long story short, me and the kids mom had problems, we went to family counselling and struck a deal on me seeing the kids, she moved, I rejected a relationship with her, she cut me off from the kids, we went to court, I got a verdict that I could see the kids, I've been seeing the kids).

So what she did was deceitful, maybe goes into the fraud category and that she abused the position she had with the kids and stopping me from seeing them, is something that persisted over a long period of time, and goes somewhere in the range of sexual harassment to attempted rape. And emotional blackmail as well.

Furthermore, I've talked a bit about this with different people, including women, and none of the women have really objected to what's going on.

So maybe something is going on or has been said about me that I haven't heard, or this behaviour and war-metaphor thinking is something that reflects the thinking of a significant segment of the female population here in Norway.

This isn't acts of war, it is simply criminal acts, made by a person that has problems interacting with the world in a way at least I see as normal.

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My first practical electronic hack

So, some time ago I figured I'd start a bit with electronics, soldering, circuit boards etc. I laid that on the shelf for a while, and now after I created that Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi router ( ) my motivation to start hardware hacking returned.

I've read up a little bit about electronics; resistors, potentiometers, diodes, voltage etc. - all in a very leisurely pace. I have bits and pieces of electronics lying around, including a Raspberry Pi / Arduino kit as well as some variants of the Arduino card.

I also have various adapters, wires and whatnot lying around after many years of consuming electronics, so I figured that I could take a DC power plug that fits in the Arduino MEGA and connect that to the power adapter that goes into the wall socket.

The DC power plug for the Arduino came from a 9V->Arduino DC power plug connector and since batteries are expensive and I might end up putting that Arduino up for some practical use, splitting the 9V connector from the DC power plug was an easy decision. Fortunately there are online webshops like and that sell bits and pieces of electronics at very low prices.

So here's the 9V connector that I didn't need:

9V connector from Arduino connector

I'm going to store that in a box of bits and pieces, as I might need it again some day. I also left some wire on it so it's easy to connect to whatever later.

I also separated the plug from the wall adapter, a standard adapter that gives 5 volts and 0.8 amps, or 4W max

Wall power adapter

I also stripped the end of the wire from the adapter and twisted the wires from the DC plug and the adapter together, and put them in one of those things that can hold circuit boards etc.

Circuit board holder

Put some cardboard underneath for capturing soldering spills and soldered the wires together. Then I wrapped some office-grade tape around the soldered wires for insulation, gave them a quick heat treatment with a lighter and then wrapped another round of tape around them. It's not electrical tape but I assume it is good enough, it's not a lot of current in those wires.

OK, so here's the result of my first practical hardware hack which involves soldering:

Arduino MEGA with power from hacked wall wart

It works and I've made good use of an adapter that probably would have been lying stored and eventually discarded (who can keep track of these adapters and their connectors anyway).

The only issue now is figuring out why the Arduino gives only 3.5V on its 5V pin; using the multimeter on the DC intake shows a bit more than 5V so it might just be that that's the way things work. I have a 5V motor I'd like to connect to the Arduino to play around a bit.

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Custom Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi router

So, I've moved to a new place, and as a result of that move, I need to get a decent setup for networking. One that gives low latency for gaming as well as high bandwidth for big Linux image downloads for example.

I have a Netgear router lying around which I could use, but I've also got some bits I've accumulated the last couple of years, like a Raspberry Pi mini-computer, a 10 metre Ethernet cable, USB Wi-Fi adapters and more.

So I opted to create my own access point, and thought that would be easy enough. Well it wasn't as easy as it should be, because the Realtek chipset has some old drivers, so I had to fiddle with patching the standard hostapd (access point app).

I ended up compiling the wpa Debian package to include the rtl871xdrv patch ( ) and then set on to create an accesspoint using create_ap ( ).

The AP started up and was visible, but it wasn't possible to authenticate. So I tested things back and forth, and also considered making it an unencrypted access point with MAC address based access control, but luckily I got a response from Guan Xin on the mailing list hinting that I should turn off some capabilities to make it all work.

So I now have an access point running, and it seems to be running just fine, I get about 25 Mb/s downloading from the internet now. [Edit: That was 25 Mbit/s, not MB].

Here's how it looks:

Picture of Raspberry Pi lying on the floor, with Wi-Fi adapter

It's maybe a bit overkill building my own router, but now I have full flexibility and control in how it should be setup, from QoS to firewalling to logging.

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