Morten W. Petersen ยท Original songs (demos), other creations

As I walk is a song I created a couple of years ago (writing this the summer 2016). The lyrics go like this:

So I was thinking to myself, things are gonna change.
For whatever reason, I will, cover the rain.
As I go to my school, I, notice sharks in the pool.
That's just the way it is and, I can keep it cool.
Again I think to myself that, things are gonna change.

It started with a beat on the Hydrogen drum machine, and I don't remember it as taking much effort to create. The rest is recorded using a fairly cheap microphone, and a 12-string guitar with a built-in microphone.

After it plays, it will skip to the next song in this playlist, with a number of creations I've created over time.

As for the rest of the songs and snippets in the list, some is rock, some is folk, some is jazz - I don't really try to stick to a certain style or genre, it just comes naturally in most cases.

And if you like, have a look at my blog: Morphex's Blogologue.

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