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Core & Squats

Today I was working out at the gym (Elixia - it rocks), doing some warm up (it was a cardio really) first, and then something my gym calls "core" training, which is good for the back and stomach.

The core training has an exercise for the stomach where you sit on top of a ball and lean back; compared to sit-ups this exercise is a killer, I can feel the pain doing 50-75% of the sit-ups I usually do.

We have a guy called Peter who leads these core sessions, and they're always good fun. Towards the end of the session we do Simon says (gives me the feeling of being in gym class at school, only this time around I'm not chubby!), where the penalty for doing something wrong is the plank, which you can see here:

Time flies by and we're suddenly done.

I've been reading about training on the internet lately, and one of the things people recommend is doing squats. So, after warm up & core, me and my brother went over to do some squats.

Man, were they hard to do. I think I did 60 or 70 KGs 3x8 (which is nothing, really) and it was killer. I'll have to try to do those more often. After that my legs were like gel and wobbly when I walked down to the showers, anyone seeing me could've mistaken me for Elvis. ;P

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