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What to get myself

Christmas is a nice thing.  It's a bit of stress buying presents, and helping around the house - but you get out of the usual routine and get some days of pure joy and relaxation.

So, we have a little bit of extra cash in the company, so I'm wondering what it makes sense to spend that on.  If not saving it for a rainy day.

My laptop has been overheating randomly, and it's a bit slow.  Which is an annoyance at times as it is my ultimate work tool.  So, maybe getting a new, kick-ass laptop could be something.  On the other hand, it's not that long since I bought it, so maybe use it for another 6-12 months and get some ROI.  I wouldn't give it to anyone else, even for free, because it's badly worn.  :)

Anyway, I've also been considering taking an MBA.  It's expensive and time-consuming, but maybe also a good investment. If I can get the company to pay for the education and maybe some of the time spent studying, it could be a good thing.  It's good for the company, it's good for me.  But it will cost money.

Since my late teens I've not been big at school;  I used to love it, then dreaded it, now I'm kind of motivated for it again.  I see the value of adding to my "knowledge bank" the easy way, instead of trial-and-error (which is extremely valuable knowledge too, but maybe takes a while longer, not to mention might be more painful).

Oh well, we'll see.  Times are-a-changin' :)

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