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It's what you make of it

I'm lying here on the sofa with my laptop, just relaxing and watching what my brother is watching on the TV. We've got the computer hooked up to the TV using HDMI (sweet) and have the computer hooked up to the sound system as well.

As we were watching, I noticed that Kaye was online on MSN, so I decided to have some fun. I use Pidgin, but it is possible to nudge using the "/nudge" command, so I did that a couple of times.

The nudge sound came and went a couple of times (on the sound system), and I asked Kaye if maybe he should log off MSN while we were watching something (this has happened before).

Well, it took a couple of more nudges, but I got him out of the sofa. When he came to the computer and turned around I just laughed and he rolled his eyes.

I laughed hard for a while after that too. :)

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