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Moving forward

Today I had a pretty good day. Played some Call of Duty with Vebjørn, which was stressful at times, but it felt good afterwards. Walking a little and taking my meds helps. There was a Norwegian soldier who got killed a little while ago by a roadbomb.. it feels kinda lame in a way to play war games when I never was in the military, and seeing people make such sacrifices, but I'll try to contribute in my way.

It has been tough lately, but there are also good moments.. I'm glad I have Hilde and Isak, and Isak is starting to be a lot of fun where he responds a bit. Both Hilde and I think he looks like some character that could be from "Barne-TV" (kids hour on the regional broadcaster NRK). It is great fun to blow him quickly in the face, he gulps a bit, blinks his eyes and smiles. Simple joys.

I've found myself in a way these last months, gotten on the right track it seems.. atleast when I'm with Hilde. She's the CEO of the house, and that's OK. This is a good moment, but there are difficult times too, but I manage to feel good now and then.

Some years ago I did create lots of graphics with The GIMP, and I'm thinking of going back to that perhaps.. express things that are there in the subconsious. A bit therapeutic too. Maybe do some programming/graphical thing.

The meds are a story in themselves.. I don't know how long I'll have to take them (maybe forever), and in that case I'll have to cut down on drinking (which isn't a big loss). They drive up the apetite too, and that's something I'll have to watch since I've always been a bit.. dietically challenged.

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