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A treasure trove for those with hidden agendas

As it breaks in the news that people are being wiretapped ilegally, here's a choice quote:

'No 10 also issued a statement, saying: "The scale of this is absolutely breathtaking and an extreme cause for concern."'

The internet and the phone business is a jungle, with smartphones and unlimited data plans become the norm. Who bothers to check their data usage if it is unlimited and doesn't cost more?

If you get in a piece of malware (piece of data, some 3rd party advertiser with malware etc. or simply an MMS with a virus) you could be easily cooked.

People with hidden agendas can build up a treasure trove of information where they can analyze you to a tee, or just see what can be damaging or embarassing. It is a literal front door to your innermost being, with things you might not even share with your closest friends and could be a place dump damaging information. On the other hand, people with hidden agendas could also manipulate the input you get, by seeing where you surf and what you read and make things seem different than they are.

I guess you should assume that you're always compromised and that people can see EVERYTHING on your PC and Phone, and try your best not to become a Person Of Interest.

The internet is a big intertwined ball of connections without borders, and I think Psy-ops could be the new tool of choice. If it hasn't always been.

That's the web, free, open and unorganized. But also an uncharted jungle.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Technology (Atom feed)] [24 Feb 18:28 Europe/Oslo]