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New phone and personal progress

So I'm thinking of a new phone again, and the iPhone looks tempting.. My second oldest brother's clique are into HTC Hero and that looks good too, but the iPhone is sleek.

So, I think I'll go for an iPhone soon, it has a large user-base and good momentum so yeah.. it looks good too. And brownie points for drawing the line regarding child labour.

I'm looking at the Telenor pages, as I'm also considering switching from Netcom to Telenor (it sucks to be at a friends cottage up on Geilo without coverage). I had a GREAT time there this weekend by the way.

Anyway, in slightly related news (about my health), I'm starting to feel again.. I think I've been numb for a long, long time, or at least feeling and thinking something different than what's usual. It is good, but also scary. I had a dream while taking a daytime nap about loosing Hilde, and it felt bad, like it should. I guess it is better to have nightmares while you're sleeping and waking up from it, rather than going around in some kind of emotional veggie-state.

I don't know what the fuck it has been, but I know for example that I could've been in a state of paranoia/delusion for a long time, and at times when I have taken the time to face it, I could beat the bad feeling and delusions and have a glimpse of normalcy, while at other times I guess I've just "worked them to death" and run away from it by being a workaholic, an internet addict and trying to fix my nightmare-ish thoughts by shoveling imagery of crap into my head.

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