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A good day

I got up early this morning, as Hilde was visiting a friend who just got a baby.

I was looking forward to today as Vebjørn and I were going to do a long session on Call of Duty. Which was fun, played for some hours but towards the end I got a pretty bad headache and it wasn't as much fun.

I've been getting better (I think) the last week, but I get easily tired, and there has been some challenging stuff relating to work too.

It is easy to get distracted from work, I think I have a bit of a messy head (and maybe always had) - but I'm going to bite my teeth together this coming week and get something produced.

This last week has been fuelled and managed with the help of some alcohol, but I'm not drinking tonight and will try to keep it to Friday/Saturday at the most. As "suggested" by Hilde. :)

I think part of my problem is that I can't focus (or not give a shit) and have problems concentrating. So I hook onto something and then analyze and think a bit and leave it.

I have some thoughts and ideas I'd like to pursue. But there is an underlying angst or paranoia of being ripped off or shafted in some way I think which makes it hard to do anything. First priority is NIT though.. it works and pays the bills. And we have some great customers. And it's my job.

There was some news today on patient care, was a guy with Pompe's disease ( which required some very expensive medicine (in the millions per year IIRC). So, there is going to be a panel on what the upper limit is.

So this guy's lungs might deteriorate to the point that he will have difficulties or stop breathing. I can't image how that might be, and it is in a sad ironic way kinda like a lethal injection, except there you get knocked out first.

Tough decisions.. if you will/have cost too much we'll have to let you go?

Anyway, my plan for myself. To get a diagnosis and keep doing therapy. There have been glimpses of feeling good, perfectly normal and relaxed, that's probably because I've got to dump my thoughts. And maybe it is the medicine. Now the TOP project mapping will be finished soon and that'll give an indication of what it is (I hope). Work with NIT for a while, and then within a 2-3 years span put some plans and ideas into action, where I can take a creative/directional role as a part of a team.

In any case, habilitation and rehabilitation is one area I'm interested in. People want to contribute and feel good, right?

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