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A little setback - or glimpse of self

Yesterday evening I noticed I was daydreaming or having very "high" thoughts.

Which I didn't put too much into, but I noticed today that I was a bit out of it, and this last hour or two I got some real downer-time.

But it's not depressed, if I look at bipolar terms and explanations, mixed episode seems right. This evening I got far down and remember things negatiely and crisis-maximize it all and then my mind goes into hypergear.

But it's not as bad ; I am able to take control now.. as I tell it to Hilde and get some feedback. Maybe the meds help as well.

I think the daydreaming yesterday was some sort of escape mechanism, and I can get grandiose ideas and put a lot of mental energy into imagining and living in a dream - quite vividly.

Well, this vacation should be the first time in many, many years where I don't work at all and as Hilde says 1-2 weeks isn't enough to get fairly or completely unplugged.

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