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Idle time

So, yesterday I had a small serving of cognac. I felt thirsty, thirsty for something strong.

Not exactly cognac, but maybe Irish whiskey, Italian grappa or something along those lines.

But, I only had cognac. So I drank for a little while, but it wasn't tasty.

Before going to Spain a little over a month ago, I hadn't had more than a couple of beers in the prior months. When in Spain, do as the spanish (visitors) and drink. So there has been some drinking.

Well, the first time I drank in Spain it was nice and fun, but I didn't get much out of it after that.

I think I have a better time when I'm not drinking.

So there has been some political discussion lately, about opening hours for pubs, discos and the like. Like cutting the opening hours by one hour.

I also see that there are 3000 people in various places in Norway waiting for a nursing home place. The old, disabled, blind etc.

It would probably be a politicians wet dream to be able to cut one hour of opening time Friday night, and have people work taxable work 2-3 hours on Saturday instead. And also avoid having one-day sickleave from work, due to hangovers.

If you take maybe 100000 people, have them work 2 hours extra each week, and the money saved by lowering costs through less police, less injuries and less crime.. it could be big numbers.

Anyway, the problem I guess is cutting public bar opening times, and then getting an illegal market which isn't taxed at all. People want their fun, after all.

It's sad to see these old people not getting help, because there isn't enough money. But politics is about prioritizing money, so one can't have everything.. I guess.

We've adapted some continental (southern Europe) drinking habits in Norway, but the problem is that a lot of people go binge-drinking during the weekend; a little alcohol combined with food is (from what I can tell) good for you. But for some reason we have a need to get shitfaced during the weekends.

As I got more established, and others I know have done as well, there has been less time spent partying, but there is still the occasional binge for most people.

I think my life is better when I don't get too drunk, or drink too often. And it's easy to "hit oneself" with the bottle and end up on the wrong side of use, abuse.

I think it is culture, and then bad habits formed as a result of that culture. And I know a little about intoxicant abuse; it's just a bad habit or self-medication that makes you feel worse.

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