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I've been mad for years..

..the start of a Pink Floyd song goes.

Mmm, I've been pretty out of it, I know. And it's weird to look back at.

Things are going pretty good these days, but there are still (very) up and down moments. I plump out into some things, but hey - I have to find a good footing.

It is strange how one can get used to being a bit mad.

I've been a bit sad lately too, feeling that I've wasted a lot of my life on "pain", and lost a lot of happiness.

On the other hand, I know how easy it is to be out on the edge, something a "normal" person would have problems relating to and understanding.

I see things differently now, that's for sure. I think I'm looking for something I can be really passionate about. And still have a family life.

1,2,3 .. and 3.

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