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A nice piece

As I read this:

I found myself nodding. Pooling of resources is important, and as an example, it is easier to have one firestation paid by a whole city's populace, rather than two different paid by different parts of the population, for being able to pool resources towards 24/7 watch and response.

Then again, things probably evolve faster (products, production processes, whatever) when you have competition.

So there is probably some number of competitors in any market segment that is optimal, one or billions.

I like the idea of socialism and capitalism mixed together, and it is already, everywhere.

One thing I've wondered about is the rule of law here and there. A death penalty is harsh, and I've heard Abid Raja say that it is the most effective or gruesome if you will, form of torture.

We have a liberal rule of law here, which emphatises with the offender and gives a relatively light sentence.

We don't have the death penalty for example, it is 21 years max, with some exceptions.

I think that is acceptable, as 21 years is a long time, it will be a lesson. And it will certainly take the "fun" out of things.

I've griped a bit with justice issues, and thought about how things are for me and my family. I know my kid can grow up to be "good", but he could also be "bad" and in need of correction.

Seeing my family vs. anothers for example. If one kid should become a murderer, it is a tragedy for the victim. But it is also a tragedy for the person that becomes a murderer. And as we know by now, you can't make people alive again, by killing another.

So a liberal rule of law, is the system with the least amount of overhead, IMO.

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