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This is the blog of Morten W. Petersen, aka. morphex in various places. I blog about my life, and what I find interesting and/or important. This is a personal blog without any editor or a lot of oversight so treat it as such. :)

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My PyPi packages

PyPi packages created mainly by me

Here is a collection of PyPi packages built by me. After years of programming I found that the best thing I could do for myself, and the Python/Zope/Plone community was to make small and simple releases of packages to the benefit of all. It's the way to grow all 3 projects.

Given that these downloads are made by somewhat technically advanced users used in various projects and settings, I take it as testament to my ability to find and fill uncovered niches in software, as well as an ability to create quality software. Little marketing goes into these packages, it is mostly word-of-mouth.

Products.Undoer (4339 downloads)

Products.SimpleChat (1065 downloads)

Products.PatchPloneContent (3504 downloads)

Products.DisableSelectDefaultView (890 downloads)

Products.PloneContentTemplates (866 downloads)

GrailTact (5280 downloads)

CreateAppendGet (2699 downloads)

ReverseFolderContents.ReverseFolderContents (1516 downloads)

MegamanicEdit (29973 downloads)

Products.PermissionComprehensible (1738 downloads)

Products.PurgeMissingObjectInterfaces (4033 downloads)

Products.MigrateExternalMethods (1734 downloads)

VariousDisplayWidgets (1776 downloads)

FakeZopeInterface (2629 downloads)

Products.BlobNewsItem (3354 downloads)

Products.SoundMirror (797 downloads)

Products.FakeZopeUser (2038 downloads)

Products.ZODBFriendlyCounter (1657 downloads)

Products.IssueDealer (2179 downloads)

Products.PageTemplateFilledSlots (1613 downloads)

Products.ImageCaptionValidator (1441 downloads)

Products.EnhancedNewsItemImage (2260 downloads)

Products.ForumPage (948 downloads)

Products.EasyUserAuthenticator (829 downloads)

email_backport (2181 downloads)

Products.StickyList (779 downloads)

Products.NewsPage (2952 downloads)

Products.RFC822AddressFieldValidator (825 downloads)

Products.MegamanicEditContentTypes (8620 downloads)

Products.ScreenReaderNavigation (1361 downloads)

Products.SimpleCalendar (8061 downloads)

Products.PloneboardComments (5271 downloads)

Products.SimpleCalendarPortlet (1961 downloads)

To date, 111169 downloads have been made of my packages!

PyPi packages maintained/contributed to/packed by me

Packages I have some involvement in.

Products.PloneGazette (4277 downloads)

Products.RadioSchedule (810 downloads)

Products.CalendarListingPortlet (587 downloads)

Products.PloneboardPortlet (1190 downloads)

Products.MenuNavigation (1795 downloads)

To date, 8659 downloads have been made of those packages!