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A little autumn reflection.. ♫

Hand with autumn leaves, some stars at the bottom.  Text says I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my garden leaves

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Poetry in motion

So, I had a candid talk with Hilde the other day. She quite simply said I was over-the-top smart. Which is true in some ways, I think too much. And thinking too much is not good.

Lots of existential thoughts, and thinking about how things are and why.

It's interesting to think we're walking around on a big ball, which orbits around a bigger ball. The ball we're walking around happens to have a core that generates a magnetic field, so that the big ball we're orbiting around doesn't fry our ball. There is a smaller ball that orbits around us, and is one of the reasons there can be life on our ball today.

The auroras make a show every now and then, and while our solar system and galaxy hurtles around in space away from other galaxies, we walk around here and live our daily lives.

I saw a program on Discovery, that we're stardust. Remnants of old stars which exploded a long time ago. And going further back, simple chemical atoms whirled around after the big bang and started getting together making bigger and bigger things.

It's been a long time since the big bang, and we walk around doing our daily stuff and contributing to the development of society. Sooner or later we'll have AI, and then there will be intelligent beings that given the proper systems will live forever.

Will that be the tool that gives us good answers?

And it is interesting to note that we're talking about "solar sails" now, that we're talking about sailing in space - sailing is a very old art.

Well, given the time that has gone, we're just here for a very small fraction of time. One can wonder if that's it.

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Old women and cats

Could it be that cats inadvertently pass this disease to mothers who might have less offspring and thus take better care of the cat?

Nurturing instincts being what they are..

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