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Some more impressions of the iPad

So, I've played a bit more with the iPad, and I'm getting comfortable with it. Discovered the Keyboard configuration screen, so I think autocompletion (auto-annoyance) should be better. I wouldn't mind autocompletion but I didn't like the way it worked and cludged up things.

I still think the keyboard could be better, I'm holding the iPad with both hands and typing with my thumbs.. there might have to be some special mode for that.

I've found two annoyances with Safari, one is that it doesn't scroll (some) textareas correctly (no scrollbar is present), the other is that it doesn't handle <iframe> elements correctly. Or, at least I know the iFrame and such works correctly on other browsers.

I see there are lots of apps, and I want to test many of them. In that case, the App store / iPad apps don't go all the way. I'd like to see some shareware-like feature where you can try an app for x active hours, 1-7 days or something similar.

I'd think that would save the app developers some time too, as they would be able to tick a box or two to enable shareware features, instead of building a separate app for demonstrations.

OK, the apps that demo one of their best features in the demo might come short, but try-before-you-buy.. that's something.

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I've played with the iPad for a day or so now, and the thing I'm stuck with is.. how?

How are they able to make such a thin, screen, really - behave like any computer? It feels sleek, the on-screen keyboard works well. I've even seen heavy-duty 3D racing games where you move the entire iPad as the driving interface (steering wheel).

How, how, how? :)

Well, it looks like Apple are doing a lot of things. Making a (somewhat closed) content and application delivery platform, a well-designed (aestetically) device and a prong for web standards. It's also easily usable by most people I would think.

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My first iPad

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