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Idling by

There's something screwy with my internet connection, so surfing the web and reading email is a bit .. annoying because of the slowness and connection timeouts.

Luckily the gym opens in less than 2 hours, so I'll be able to go work out a bit. Going for the step-master (or whatever you call it) and doing some weights afterwards.

For breakfast this morning I took some left-over cheese cake but couldn't finish it (was super-hungry so I just had to grab something). Felt stuffed after eating a little over half of the slice so the rest is still left. I'm not sure what exactly is in it, but I think there's a lot of sugar, eggs and butter, quite the energy bomb.

These days there isn't enough time to do everything, there's customers on the one hand that want stuff, and cool behind-the-scenes stuff to do on the other. I'm looking forward to having a bigger company with more employees so that people can take care of and learn about stuff that I already know, so that I can work on more creative and challenging things.

But that time will come, for sure. Last year we had quite a growth and it looks like we'll be growing a lot more this year. In less than 3 weeks of the new year I've already gotten tentative approvals for new deals that amount to 15% of the total revenue we had last year. And that's not counting all the small fish.. :)

I'm enjoying this period. There's a little bit too much to do, but some customers are very understanding and flexible, so we're able to take care of everyone, if not at a breakneck pace.

Good times.

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