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Well, I ordered a body fat measurement tool and got it in the mail today (the Creatine also arrived, yay!). I got a bit of a surprise when the body fat "counter" said I had 26.7% body fat, which is considered obese.

I don't think anyone (normal) would call me fat these days, but doing the math it kinda makes sense. I probably have 1-2 KGs of fat around the stomach and some pounds here and there. So my goal towards the summer is to go down to around 20% body fat. That's roughly another 5 KGs of fat so if things progress like they have been doing until now, that should be possible in the next 2-3 months.

That should be my goal, and I'm also considering a partial or full vegetarian diet - but getting enough of the right proteins could be a bit tricky, since I'm also on a training schedule.

My mouth fills with water when thinking about all the tasty vegetarian food I ate with Vinay while staying in India. I'll have to start making some myself or visit Bangalore again. ;)

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