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This is the blog of Morten W. Petersen, aka. morphex in various places. I blog about my life, and what I find interesting and/or important. This is a personal blog without any editor or a lot of oversight so treat it as such. :)

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As not seen on TV

Interviewer: So, what do you think of Donald Trump?
Interviewee: Donald Trump.. He has built something, so I guess you gotta respect that.
Interviewee: Hey, do you like clowns?
Interviewer: Yeah.. I guess.
Interviewee: Yeah, me too. They look funny and make me laugh. Not all are funny though.
Interviewee: I started loosing my hair a while ago, and hey, I noticed you have lost some hair as well. Still looks OK though. I mean - you're a guy. I just shave my head and it looks OK too.
Interviewer: Yeah, it was a little tough at first loosing my hair, but then I came over it and just let go.

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