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Random suckage

A couple of days ago I bought a new wireless router, so I could lay on the sofa with my laptop.

Visiting mom for Christmas, and thought why not get a wireless router so that she and my sister get wireless access, and I get it whenever I'm here in Trondheim for business reasons.

Well, the first router didn't work.  It was cheap, so I thought to myself, OK - you get what you pay for.  It kept dropping the connection, both to the ADSL modem, as well as the laptop.  So I decided to try upgrading the firmware.  That helped for a little while, then it started misbehaving again.

Today I traded in that router for a more expensive one, and thought that would fix things.  But no;  after a while it completely shut down and was extremely hot when I tried to handle it.

So, I'm going to deliver that router back, and not buy anything from that router manufacturer for a while, and be skeptical about buying anything from that electric store.

Trading in the broken router was an ordeal in itself, as I got a receipt for only the "upgrade price";  when explaining that I needed a receipt for the entire amount for accounting, the employees were not sure what to do, and finally ended up giving me a "warranty slip" for the entire amount.  Which may be good enough for accounting, but I don't know.  But that's not too much of a problem now, as I'll be delivering the router back and getting a full refund.

What's the lesson here?  I dunno..  it might have been better to go to a more expensive, dedicated store.  If you spread too wide, chances are that the quality of what you're offering goes down.  It also makes sense to research products and brands first, so that you know what to go for before buying something.

Oh well, I'm back to using a cable for internet access now.  Which is OK, but it would've been better to have wireless.


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