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I'm an eager reader of "Verden vil bedras" (The world wants to be deceived) - a blog which I stumbled over a while ago, while googling for "verden vil bedras."

Today I read a posting about the housing bubble here in Norway, and the people who've been pushing the prices up up and away. These same people who have everything to gain from prices going up. Now these people (whose businesses are close to bankrupt) are going into the debt collection business, collecting money from hard-working and/or unfortunate people who get lured into buying things they don't need. And you can't go bankrupt as a person here in Norway (in the traditional sense of the work), you can get deals however. 5 years of hard work and little income to live off, and then if you get lucky later and strike it rich, the people who lured you into buying it can still come and collect.

What I surmise from this is that basically, this is our modern day version of torture. You will get tortured until you understand (or believe, whatever you like). A broken system?

Anyway, I don't have the time or energy translate it - here it is, a good read:

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