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Hanging in there

So I'm hanging in there.. getting to talk to a psychologist and then later they'll do more thorough tests including scans..

I'm working a little, and it feels good to work a bit. Keeps the juices flowing as they say. It is good to get support, care and understanding from friends.. Dave ( says that I should crawl-walk-run, and crawling seems about right now. ;)

The meds are helping, but getting a fix on "reality" is somewhat difficult. Some nosebleeds, including feeling, no, *being* knocked out and having a stuffed nose an hour or two after taking the meds are side effects. I tried drinking 2 pints of beer some hours before taking the meds the other day and had jello-legs when walking to the bed.

(The medication is a generic substitute for Seroquel, google it and see..)

I feel tired too, not sure if that's the illness or the cure.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Health (Atom feed)] [26 Jan 16:39 Europe/Oslo]