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"So what would be wise investor get as a solid return on that sound investment in public policy? Higher minimum wage, environmental protections, robust public goods, and greater social justice. Just kidding."

Well, if you're cynical I guess the right thing to do would be to make sure the machine runs efficiently (damn the consequences), or maybe the idea is to trim the bush. Maybe it is a reasonable thing to live without a safety net over your head, or not go to the Opera in Gotham. says

"Economists assert that the largest transfer of income will be as the older generation leaves wealth to the baby boomers. Inheritance has been estimated to make up 6% of the US GDP each year.[10] The current generation is wealthier than any generation before. This increase in wealth and inheritance indicates a rise of "old money" in American families. Stephen Haseler argues that America is becoming an inheritance culture in which much economic opportunity is from family inheritance and not personal achievement.[11]"

Is the timer for the music for the chair game gaining on the end?

For those squeamish of bloodshed, I guess one can hope that international trade and the internet will create the internation. One can wonder where the power will lie.

As we reap the environmental rewards of past development, we can live longer, happier and things like that.

I think things will turn out all right.

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