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Chaw (Oliver Twist)

My oldest brother gave me some Oliver Twist last week, and I tried it and it was really nice. I've always thought of Chaw as an "old mans tobacco", but I guess I'm getting older. :)

I also see in the news that Phillipp Morris are suing the state because that tobacco is being hidden out of sight in places where you can buy it. I guess the best they can hope for in the long run is an inverse Streisand Effect where they keep (re-)recruiting some tobacco users.

I fell into the trap and here I am. Maybe I've self-medicated a bit with tobacco too, but anyway. Having tobacco on display anywhere is marketing, if you think about it. I think it would be good if we could get all .. "drugs" into some sort of system so that people could be helped if they fall too far down.

There's the choosing your poisons thing, but even if it is taxed, I guess the money could be better spent (and taxed/retrieved) elsewhere, there'll be less sick people and more money to spend on other, important health issues.

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