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Only have so much focus at times

Well, I've been in a slump the last week or three, some panic attacks and such that have been striking.

I think I've found the problem; the last couple of years I've gained considerable weight, and I've decided I want to shed some. At some point I think I got stressed and it's easy to forget things..

Being on the wrong kind of diet (too stressful) can get anyone off-balance I think, but I'm particularly vulnerable. It gets to a point where I forget whether I took medicines, forgetting to eat properly. I need to have a checklist for each day, as well as some log of what I eat and drink.

I've been through this before, but now with the meds as an emergency tool to relax and get a grip, as well as Hilde as a observant helper, I'm able to recognize this and do things to alleviate the situation.

When I think back, I think I might have had psychotic episodes before and times similar to the one I'm having now, but back then I just dug in, or ran away or hid in the computer and focused on web activities and work.

This time I had Hilde and Isak to consider, so I just couldn't run away. And maybe I was strong enough to take the fight as well.

I made an OK salary before I got sick last autumn/winter, and because things went as they did, I didn't get the right compensation from my company and the state (they run the sick-leave payment deal). So we pay a fee on each krone paid out in salary, and this gives some insurance in case of sick-leave etc. So it'll be a process to get that money which I think I'm entitled to.

Oh well.

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