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Thinking differently

So I've started noticing more about how I think, and trying to be careful about how I think and what thinking/emotional paths I go down.

As I try to relax and think about how things have been, I am able to think at times that I am doing very well, given the starting point I've come from.

I think my problem has been that there has been a disconnect between my expectations of myself and reality.. with therapy and help now I think I should find some base level that I can build on.

Some structure and realistic goals is what I need. While I'm in Spain I'm not working (well, had to work a little, but that's the way it is) and just trying to relax and enjoy the vacation.

Walking every day (Hilde, Isak and I), and I think I should walk 2 days towards the evenings as well. It's about managing health and weight.. it's funny how that goes, one can dabble and drabble along and suddenly find that the sum of many things can be dangerous and then it might be too late (damage done). I think a lot of people fall into that trap, living (somewhat) vicariously and then getting a rude awakening.

I'm drinking a bit again, it's more of a enjoyment thing here in Spain. I've figured as far as drinking goes, that if i drink max 2 days a week, never get drunk and never drink 2 days in a row, things should be manageable.

That's the nice things about rules and structure, you don't have to watch and think all the time, just play along.

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