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10 a day (I don't think it will go to 11)

So I've stepped up another notch with the doctor's approval. 800 mg of Quetiapine per day and 30 mg Truxal. The Quetiapine is in the upper normal range now, on dosage.

I feel better and more normal than I have in many years. That's thanks to medicine, family and Hilde & Isak.

I've talked to my doctor a bit about structure. Going to bed and getting up at around the same time, keeping things predictable as stress is something that makes things worse.

A big thanks to Hilde that has been a good help in keeping me structured, and also forcing me to evaluate how I think and do things with her verbal and vocal fists.

Although other issues pop up and become dominant now that the psychosis and paranoia thing is settling down, it is still manageable if a bit unpleasant at times.

If I hadn't dealt with things and gotten help from various places, I kind of wonder where I would be today, and 10 years from now. I can tell you one thing, living with heavy mental issues can't be good for the body and would probably have gotten me to an early grave if things hadn't gone they way they did.

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