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Stable and working it

Well, been a while since I blogged the last time. Things have really improved.. I'm on a regiment of 800 mgs of Seroquel now per day. 400 mgs before bedtime to get some proper sleep.

In the course of a couple of months, things have improved and it is possible to function close to normal.

Four major changes have been that I've gone from drinking a little, to nothing at all. I've also started participating in a soccer team and we have exercises every Sunday and will start playing in a league soon. And no more caffeine, just decaf instant coffee. And, no candy and little sugary foods. Just wholesome fiber food, fruits, vegetables and regular, healthy meals. Sushi for example. :)

When you're down and out, it is hard to get things going. For me, I had to work just to keep the money wheels turning, and I think it is good to do something you feel you're good at.

But, exercise is a really great medicine. I've talked to the psychiatrist about it and it is something that is well known. As an anti-depressant and many other things. I agree, things have gotten a lot better after starting soccer exercise as well.

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