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Things are good, manageable and starting to be fun

So after a year of work with my psychiatrist he's moving on, starting work on a more acute part of the mental health sector.

We've talked a lot about structure and stress in my life, and structure is something that's been there for a while now. Now other stressors are something I have to manage, and I think I'm getting better at that as well. Hilde has been great at getting up in the night if Isak needed tending, and that has helped me as well as interrupted or too little sleep is a very real stressor.

My psychiatrist has been very restrictive about doling out medicine, only prescribing me Quetiapine (the Valium I got from a doctor in Spain). There's a (paraphrasing) saying that your current solution might be your next problem.

I think that's a good thing, using as little medicine as possible.. as taking additional medicine could in many ways make it easy to mask the real source of the problem which are lack of structure and stressors. Sure it has been painful, but I'm in a pretty good place now.

Tonight there's a late soccer match, starting around when I usually go to bed. But things are feeling good and I want to push myself a bit so I'm going.

Exercise in the right amounts is probably one of the best all-round medicines out there.

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