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What is the Norwegian police up to?

So, I sent in a formal complaint to the police at the end of February this year, 2017.

It was a formal complaint about the mental health professionals who made a report, and a sworn testimony, during the trial the summer 2015 about my kids, me and their mom.

I haven't heard anything back about it, and recently I had to ask twice for a receipt, reporting another incident which happened a couple of years ago, which could have left med paralyzed or dead.

Now I thought to myself that I would refrain from blogging about this in the interest of keeping the collaboration climate between me and the kids mom cooler, but when the actions of the police on the one hand is difficult to understand, and the kids mom still doesn't collaborate in a satisfactory fashion, I think I have the right and need to blog about it.

I think there are a couple of key things here which should be mentioned. Since the summer 2013 I've had significant costs visiting my kids, and after raising the issue many times over many years, I understood it that this february, we could split the cost 50/50 if all prior costs were forfeited. I think my costs are around 20-30.000 NOK now, and my current income is less than 200.000 NOK per year. A lot less than what the kids mom is earning. I do pay child support, and I don't have any child support debt.

Now this is when the law says that travel expenses for seeing the kids should be split between parents according to their income, and it was the kids mom that decided to move 500km north and away.

Another thing is the court expenses; since I "lost" the case, I have to pay the expenses for the kids mom's lawyer. These also have a 12% interest. When I tried to negotiate a solution through the lowest court or arbitrator of claims here in Norway, they were unable to get in touch with the kids mom.

And finally, I asked during recent negotations that I call the kids on videochat every week, and now the kids mom says it will only happen every 2 weeks - this without there being any major problems during the video chats that have been. But I did reject talking to the kids mom over videochat in that period.

Finally, here is an image with names redacted, of the complaint I made this year to the police. It is in Norwegian, I will translate it later.

Image of email reporting mental health professionals that worked for a court case to the police, in Norwegian

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