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Complain filed against primary care physician Ina Løvlihaugen

It's going towards a 3rd round in court about my kids, and in that process, the court asked my lawyer new Kent Fredriksen, to ask me to get documentation [from my doctor].

The old lawyer Sveinung Hestad Strand suddenly and without notice disappeared to a job in the public sector.

So, I asked my doctor for some documentation. Before this, I thought our working relationship was OK, but as soon as I was asking for this documentation, things got weird. So I ended up also asking for a document that documents that I have been taking Seroquel (as I should), for 10 years. Which was on the side of this court process.

However, when I went to pick up my package of Serqouel at the pharmacy, I found that Ina Løvlihaugen had retracted my subscription, without me having an idea she would, and without sending me a message about it.

That she doesn't want to document something that is central to my medical treament and that I know is true, is alarming. They should be able to tell, after 10 years, if I'm taking the medication as I should or not.

And retracting the medication, a medication I'm mentally and physically dependant on, is over the line. Here is my complaint, translated from Norwegian [original is here: ]:

Subject: Complain on primary care physician Ina Løvlihaugen
Cc:, Kent Fredriksen (
Date: Thursday, 11th of June, 2020 at 10:25 PM


I wish to send a complaint on Ina Løvlihaugen, at Moholt Legesenter [Moholt doctor's centre].

When I went to pick up my medication saturday, the prescription had been withdrawn. I had not gotten a message about it being withdrawn. I also had no idea that the prescription would be recalled.

The medication is Seroquel depot, and I understand it that in the prescribed use, I am mentally and physically dependant on this medication.

After sending messages about this, a new package was prescribed.

This was picked up on tuesday. Later the same day I sent a request for a new prescription.

Now, 2209 thursday evening, I still don't see a prescription on [main healthcare website in Norway].

In addition to this, Ina recently refused to make a certificate that I have taken the drug Seroquel as agreed for 10 years, since 2010.

I have taken the medication as agreed with doctors, when one disregards trivialities such as very sporadically forgetting a dose, taking a tablet too much, taking it in the early afternoon instead of the morning etc.

I thought the collaboration between me and Ina has been OK, but it has become weird after Kent Fredriksen asked me to get a certificate from her. I asked for a certificate that described our relation and that the collaboration was OK, I did not get that. This in connection with parental responsibility in a custody case.

I think this matter regarding Seroquel is suited to create insecurity for me and other users of the healthcare system, and further weakens my trust to the healthcare system.



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