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A nice 12-0 round of jet fighting

So I got a nice streak playing this evening:

I was off to a bit of a rough start, with an enemy jet attacking me around my base, and my AA was oblivious to this so I thought "OK, this is not going to be a good round".

But it ended up being quite good, in terms of K/D. Still getting used to the gamepad and analog sticks, as I've had to change from keyboard+mouse because of a tennis elbow.

I'm still looking to get more of an edge on the really good jet players, for example making use of the outside (and reverse) view - but changing to gamepad has been good as in, it makes me more positive towards trying different tactics and styles of playing.

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Playing on

So I'm playing some Call of Duty these days, it is nice to have something to do, do something which isn't so serious and get an escape from the daily thought-mill.

I still think though, and noticed a couple of things with CoD which could be nice (if they're not already there).

One would be a mute-all button. The jibber-jabber various players is just distracting and annoying. And selecting mute on each and every one is annoying.

Another thing would be an even playing field for everyone, something CS-like.. where one could choose from a common set of weapons and not have any perks. And maybe a handicap if you've got a high rank. One would think the game hosts could do the numbers/statistics on kills etc. and give an appropriate handicap.

Could be more fun for everyone, or an alternative style of playing.

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PS 3, Call of duty

Bought a PS 3 today, as well as Call of Duty 2. Going to play a little with friends and see how it goes.

Work is exhausting after a little while and surfing around on the net isn't that interesting either.

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Ice breaker

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