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Double action

Last weekend I was with friends and we fished for a while. I got 4 Mackerell and a couple of Cods one evening and it was good fun.

I'm bitten by the fishing bug I think, and today I bought myself a second fishing rod and some 30 gram sinkers. So now I'll be able to have one out lying with bait and another where I actively fish, pull and jerk and so on.

It should be good fun, and now that I have a moped I'm more mobile as well so I'll be able to go out after workhours and fish.

The bait fishing rod will have 2 hooks with some fish food on them (probably fish or shrimps (shrimps = catching wolffish)) and a 30 gram sinker. Wolffish are not that pretty, but excellent (a delicacy) as food.

I can't wait to go fishing. :)

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