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Not getting it

Whenever I'm not around my PC and listening to the radio, I tend to listen to P4 - a Norwegian radio channel.

They keep good playlists, with a slant towards older music (hits). They have really good playlists actually, that's what I rate radio stations after. Most talkshows on radio suck, a lot of talk about nothing.

But.. anyway, P4 ( uses Windows Media or something similar, so it won't work in my Firefox without extra plugins. But they also have a played, current and next song feature which displays the artist and song. So I'm using that now to find good songs on Spotify.

I guess the crux of any good music service is their playlists. Spotify nailed that with their playlists, but in their finite wisdom I think they might've made the playlists too restrictive. But maybe that's something we'll see improved later unless they see the playlists as they are, as an important piece of it all.

Oh well, I can always create new playlists in new software..

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