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eq != iq

Yesterday I went to my first appointment with the physiotherapist, which was an interesting and fun experience.

Roger was his name, a swede that had lived in Alta (Northern Norway) for 12 years and now living in Oslo.

I think we went on for about 30 minutes, but time flied by as we were busy talking about soccer, spurred by Rosenborg - my favorite and home-town team, owning Valencia in Tuesdays Champions League match. I've never seen Rosenborg kick that much butt against a formidable opponent like Valencia.

The physiotherapist pulled, massaged, twisted and whatever - using a strap at times so he could use his own body weight to pull my leg. Yes, literally, he was pulling my leg. :)

Interesting experience. I've never been .. "handled" by a guy before, but it was totally OK and I'm sure that's thanks to Roger who was able to keep it casual by talking and being friendly.

After the treatment I could lift my leg up higher without experiencing pain, whether that was in my head or an actual improvement I'm not sure. But I think so.

My respect and appreciation for health care professionals grows by each day.

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Sucking it up

This Sciatica thing has been bugging me for 4-5-6 weeks now, and it goes up and down, but it is always there. Last Monday I took some x-rays and the doctor should have them soon, so I guess it's just about waiting to hear what the doctor has to say about it.

Speaking to my mom (back problems are a common thing, and women talk-talk-talk :) a couple of days ago, I learned that these things can be for life. You can operate and such but it isn't certain that an operation will fix the problem and there may be relapses.

The proper exercise, stretches and such can help, and could be a better or complementary alternative to having an operation.

For me, the Sciatica isn't so bad, a combination of two different painkillers up to 3 times a day is taking the edge off things, and taking these isn't affecting me much (that I can notice anyway) except taking the pain away. I'm a little bit worried about the long-term effect of these pills on the stomach and liver though.

Experiencing this really makes me reconsider my lifestyle and how I treat my body. I exercise and I'm probably more fit now than ever before, but my guess is that a bad working posture has been one of the things that has led to this. I have a couple of vices, and maybe I should give up those as well, before it is too late.

Maybe.. :)

Oh well, it isn't so bad. I can work, exercise, walk (with a pimp limp!), talk and function relatively normally. Remembering what my mom always told me when I was younger: you should be grateful you can walk, talk and do completely normal things. She should know, after having worked with physically disabled people for most of her adult life.

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It's times like these

I'm glad I pay my taxes.

Went to the doctor today and did some more tests; looks like there is indeed a herniated disk.. That means taking X-rays and going to a physiotherapist.

Fortunately I don't have to pay much for this, thanks to the public health system we have here in Norway.

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Some weeks ago I got a shooting pain in my right leg, and couldn't figure out what was causing it. So shortly after I went to the "emergency doctor" and got a diagnose of Lumbago/Sciatica.

I've read quite a bit about Sciatica on the net so I have an understanding of what it is and what to do about it, but it seems like I'll have to get some professional help to fix it.

My personal trainer Peter gave me some stretching exercises which should fix things, but that hasn't helped much so far.

So it's probably a disc herniation or something that's "locked" back there, so professional help is the next logical step and I'll see my doctor in a couple of days to see if something can be arranged.

I'm getting tired of chugging down painkillers in any case, getting through the maximum recommended amount for two different painkiller brands per day, and I'd rather be without it.. but what can you do, it's either that or have shooting pains.. the first day I took those pills I just had to lay down and relax for a while - it took the wind out of me.

Oh well, what doesn't kill you etc. ;)

Bonus link: interesting article on how to treat Sciatica:

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