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Creating Instagram video out of an animated gif using ffmpeg

I like to play around with images and video, and one thing I'm on about these days are negative images.

I caught a bunch of images of a small waterfall the other day, and Google Photo created an animation of it.

I looked for an app that could convert it into a video Instagram would accept, but ended up having to use ffmpeg through Termux to create a video Instagram would treat as a video.

The command was

$ ffmpeg -f gif -i IMG_20200407_173651_1CS-ANIMATION.gif -vf negate -pix_fmt yuv420p out.mp4

Key command line argument was "-pix_fmt yuv420p".

[Edit shortly after posting..]

BTW, the video I created is here:

[Update the day after..]

Here's the animation of falling water from Google Photos.

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