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Fixing a damaged power cable on a work lamp

I bought a used work lamp dirt cheap a while ago, and tested it the other day. I then noticed that the power cable had weathered to the point where the inner cables were exposed:

Broken power cable

So the other day I bought a new cable to replace it. Since it is alternating current, +- doesn't matter, just have to get the grounding cable right.

Work lamp wire box in progress

Work lamp wire box finished

And, here's the result, a powerful work lamp. I bought some cheap LED working lamps since then that use a lot less power, I don't think it makes much of a difference on the big power generator, it will use a lot of gas regardless.

Work lamp working, running off a small power generator

As for the remaining, old cable, I guess I can use that as a grounding cable for the smaller power generator pictured above. 3 wires leading to plugs in the soil should be more than enough.

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