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Preparing the roof for work / breakage

I've been itching to get some work done on the cabin, and today it was a toasty 6 degrees Celsius (as forecast), so I got some mounts setup for the tarpaulin that will go on the roof sooner or later.

Behind the cabin there are a couple of large trees, and I'm hoping get those taken down early this spring, before they start to leaf out - which would mean it gets more difficult to see where everything is, and they also would sway more in the wind.

The roof is in need of replacement, so it seems like the logical thing to do, to take down the trees behind the cabin first. It would be bitter if a part of the tree fell down on a new roof, and breaking it would mean a lot of repair work. Either dropping a part of the tree by accident, or a piece of it breaking off during a storm. That happens.

So I figured it would be right to get these mounts up now. I'm also mulling anchoring the mounts to the ground using some anchor and a rope; I think a large tarp could catch wind easily, and over time this would just rip the mounts from the beams they're screwed to, even though there is quite a bit of flex in the metal build fittings adapted to be mounts.

Here are some pictures of the mounts and trees:

Close up of one tarp mount

Several tarp mounts

Trees behind cabin

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