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Sex in the 21st century, follow-up

So, I emailed my lawyer a while ago, asking about fatherhood, rights and obligations. Here:

He did not reply to that message, but I asked someone else who has some legal expertise, and I understood the message as, if you make someone pregnant, you cannot legally deny fatherhood or child support.

So, basically, if you're at a party, have a good time, and end up with someone, and have sex that one time, you can end up paying child support for 18+ years.

If in addition to this, the woman is difficult, you not only have to pay a substantial amount of money, but you also have a difficult person to deal with.

Now, it is the case that women do rape; so worst case is that a woman rapes you, makes your life a living hell, and you have to pay a lot of money for kids you don't get to see (often).

I can understand that the state wants its inhabitants, and having kids is an important part of life.. but it seems to me that men are shafted in many different ways when it comes to family life.

94.5% of the inmates in Norwegian prisons in 2015 were male.

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