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In the belly of the Norwegian kafkaesque bureaucracy

So, I'm paying some money for child support for my kids, not because I want to, but because I'm forced to. These payments are deducted from my income automatically.

Now I see myself as a responsible man and do feel responsible for my kids, but paying more than I should, when I barely get to see my kids, doesn't seem, or feel, fair.

So I applied to get this child support reduced, but it was instead increased. It was increased, because I had some temporary income this summer from my company Nidelven IT, because I had to do some required-by-law accounting and tax-related work. Now I get my main income from the state, and I have to report work hours to the state. These work hours are then deducted from my payments. So if I get 3750 per week from the state and work 5 hours, that is reduced to 3250. I got about as much in payments from Nidelven IT these summer months as I lost in my regular income.

I made this clear on the application form to the state, that these payments from Nidelven IT were temporary and a compensation for the other lost income, but they managed to make it a regular, recurring income, and because of that increased my child support. I was left with the option of sending in a complaint which cost around 1000 NOK (~110 EUR), but I will not send in a complaint, I will rather send in a new application and make this blog post my complaint. You can talk about people nickle-and-diming you, but here it is the state, when I don't have a lot of income.

The case workers there were Erling Noste (office boss) and Eivor Merete Høgli (case worker).

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