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An OGG/Vorbis player, implemented in Javascript.

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An OGG/Vorbis player, implemented in Javascript

Being a long-time web developer, a music lover and now an amateur musician, I've dabbled with some audio technologies over the years, and these last years I've made good use of for example Audacity.

However, when I was looking at creating a player on my own blog (The blogologue), I couldn't find anything that matched my desire to have a simple to use, Open Source and standards supporting player embedded in my blog.

I've looked at Emscripten over the years, and with some free time and some energy, I managed to cook up a proof of concept, of a player that plays OGG/Vorbis files on the fly, using the libraries and Emscripten, and some custom code and hooks here and there.

Ironically, when I uploaded this player to show it to the world, I found that it didn't work with Firefox; which is not a big deal since Firefox supports OGG and has done so for a long time, and my excuse is that I've set it up so that it was impractical to use it for testing on the local network.

However, I have tested it in recent versions of Opera, Vivaldi and Google Chrome, and it seems to run quite well. The browser I'm not able to test with right now is Apple's Safari browser, but I'll do that once I have some time, energy and access to a Apple machine that has Safari.

The OGG demuxer and Vorbis decoder are Copyright (c) 2002-2015 Foundation, my code is not released yet (as it is somewhat quick and dirty and a proof of concept) but will most likely be released under a BSD license, maybe with a link-back clause.

(Player should pop up here)

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