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Is this war?

So, I got to see my kids this weekend, and it was nice. We had a good time and celebrated the birthday of the youngest one.

During these times with the kids, there is a person there from the state, in something called "supporting supervision". Which is something I wanted and agreed to in court, mostly because I didn't know what kind of tricks their mom could pull or stories she could cook up, with or without the help of others.

I talk a bit with the supervisor during these visits and she also talked in a war metaphor, about giving in etc. Which is interesting, because the mental health professionals that said the kids mom was "great" in court also said something like it at one point, and I believe before the problems seeing my kids started, the kids mom also used a war metaphor, saying something like "if you want war you'll get war".

Now it's interesting that the war metaphor is used. War is war, war has rules and you have to follow the law regardless.

It seems that the kids mom sees the war metaphor as doing whatever you like, even breaking the law, to reach whatever objective you have.

Before the final break up, we had an agreement that others (independent professionals) can and have verified about me seeing the kids 3 days every second weekend. But the kids mom never signed my copy, so the police in Mo i Rana wouldn't do anything when the kids mom cut me off from the kids.

In addition to that, the kids moms said that she would like to have a relationship, also a purely sexual one, before the final break-up. When I didn't want a relationship with her, things got difficult. (Long story short, me and the kids mom had problems, we went to family counselling and struck a deal on me seeing the kids, she moved, I rejected a relationship with her, she cut me off from the kids, we went to court, I got a verdict that I could see the kids, I've been seeing the kids).

So what she did was deceitful, maybe goes into the fraud category and that she abused the position she had with the kids and stopping me from seeing them, is something that persisted over a long period of time, and goes somewhere in the range of sexual harassment to attempted rape. And emotional blackmail as well.

Furthermore, I've talked a bit about this with different people, including women, and none of the women have really objected to what's going on.

So maybe something is going on or has been said about me that I haven't heard, or this behaviour and war-metaphor thinking is something that reflects the thinking of a significant segment of the female population here in Norway.

This isn't acts of war, it is simply criminal acts, made by a person that has problems interacting with the world in a way at least I see as normal.

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