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Justice 2K

So, I was making myself some oat meal today, something I do regularly as it is filling, keeps me going and is quite healthy.

Lately I've also started exercising more, and because of that, I'm changing eating habits a bit, to get a variation and make it easier to eat those times I don't feel like eating.

So I bought some cherry compote the other day (kirsebær-kompott in Norwegian), and mixed that into the oat porridge today.

Tasted OK, and now I can mix some cherry into the food plan as well.

Oat meal with compote and skimmed milk

Anyway, I see the news now and then, read on the web and so on, and it is almost always the men who have done some atrocity, yada yada ya.

Seeing that men and women are different isn't difficult, but then again, you have for example yin and yang, where the masculine and feminine are equal but opposing forces.

So where are the female perpetrators? Is culture just laid up in a way that men often become so-called winners and losers, while women are more evenly spread around the average?

I guess there is some internal justice between women, and the fights are more subtle while men can get physical.

Oh well, I guess biologically it made sense for the women to stay around the cave as they got pregnant, while the men went out chasing food. And that this is something that echoes well into today.

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