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Charges pressed against NAV and NAVI

So, I've had issues over time with NAV and NAVI, NAV being the Norwegian employment and wellfare office, NAVI being the child support collectors (some branch related to NAV I guess).

Over time there has been some critique and questions, and things turned a bit weird not so long ago, when my primary care physician basically said he wanted me to find another primary care physician.

So I filed a report against NAV and NAVI today, here's the original, and here's the translation:

To: Police Trøndelag (county police) <>
Cc: Police internal affairs <>, Sveinung Hestad Strand <>, Elisabeth Nossum <>, Per Olav Gundersen <>, NAVI <>
Bcc: Dad <>


In 2009 I became acutely [mentally] ill, psychotic, and was until then on an up-and-coming arch salary-wise, in my own company.

Today I have a low income, and I am in many ways financially painted into a corner, and also have problems with my kids mom, and have met the kids 2-3 hours a month on average since 2013.

I have asked questions to NAV about their methods, and a short while ago I asked to have all papers to my case printed out. I moved apartments in that period, and got a message to get the papers on NAV Lerkendal. When I got there, I got a message to pick them up at NAV Heimdal.

When I collected the papers at NAV Heimdal, they were in an unsealed envelope, with a thin rubber band wrapped around.

NAV has also recently rejected a meeting at the conflict council [the first step to arbitrating a conflict in the Norwegian legal system], after one arbitrating session there.

I was in a meeting on Wednesday at NAV Lerkendal with Elisabeth Nossum and Per Olav Gundersen, where NAV and I did not agree on the path [for me getting back to work life]. When I after the meeting applied for financial welfare support for a lawyer, so I can understand my rights and obligations regarding NAV and AAP, it was suggested I instead contact the free legal help [organisation that provides free legal assistance]. But I applied for welfare support for a lawyer anyway, 1020 kroner.

If the free legal help is OK for all legal questions and cases, I guess we don't need lawyers and the licenses to practice as lawyers?

Shortly before this [couple of weeks], my primary care physician Thor Digre displayed weird behaviour, and asked me to find a new primary care physician.

NAVI has on their end done some weird things, and I have given them information relevant to the case and my situation, which it looks like they have ignored.

So I'm asking what NAV and NAVI are doing [and have been doing]. Now one should be very careful to [be the boy who cried wolf], especially with a prior history of serious mental illness, but you can consider this a legal maneuver to give you an approach vector.

You know, there is a 5 year statute of limitations on crimes with a maximum penalty of 4 years.

A signed copy of this document will be sent later.


Morten W. Petersen

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