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Not getting information on my kids

So, I have had access to a little bit of my oldest sons school information in an online IT system, but that access has been retracted now.

The principal Bente Grønningen Marthinussen at the school is referring to the verdict last year, which does give the kids mom the custody rights.

Now from what I gathered from my lawyer, granting one parent these rights is a way of dampening the conflict between the parents.

But since the verdict, I've participated a little bit in my oldest sons school activities, and I can't see I've done anything negative in that regard.

So it seems the kids mom is over time doing the one thing she has the power to do, and that is provocate using the kids as a pawn, first denying me access to the kids, then changing their last name (which used to be mine), then denying me information from kindergarten and school.

Couple this with sexual assault, sexual harassment, trying to force me into a sexual relationship, hinting that she was just using me to have kids and then using that argument against me and things are looking pretty ugly.

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