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Sex in the 21st century (an email to my lawyer)

So, after my experiences in life, I decided to email my lawyer the other day, to clarify some things about sexual relations with women.

I thought it would be good to share this email with you all, so here it is translated. I'm not using the name of the lawyer, because I don't know if he wants it to be disclosed.

To: Lawyer
From: Morten
Subject: Question about kids from one-night stands, relationships etc.

Hi Lawyer.

I guess I feel open about being in a relationship again, but I am worried about getting into another situation with a woman making it difficult to see the kids, getting pregnant "by accident" etc.

So I was wondering if I sleep with a woman one night, and she becomes pregnant, does one then have to pay child-support for 18-21 years?

Can one make a deal [sign a contract] before sleeping together, where one disclaims any responsibility, that kids are not planned etc.?

Does something like that need a signature, or would an SMS suffice?



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