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I won't be voting in 2017

So, this year it is an election in Norway, for parliament.

A couple of days ago I was asked whether I'll vote and I said no, I don't feel like it.

When I gave it some thought, the thing that popped into my mind and persisted there without much else, was polishing a turd. You can polish a turd, but it is still a turd.

I took a test just now and it seems I have the same political orientation now as before, I guess I'm just disillusioned about how things actually work.

Seems I can't escape the election talk either; it's on the news all the time, and even ad-funded social media has ads that pop up here and there with simple political selling points for political parties.

FRP Facebook ad

Like this one, which says that the oil is going to get pumped up! Yes it will until there is not enough profit to be made, who cares.

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