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I have a problem, and it is just not with my kids mom

So, it seems I have a problem not only with the kids mom, but also with the health system and bureaucracy.

Some 8 years ago, I started taking medication to treat psychosis, and it was a medication called Seroquel.

The long-term side-effects of Seroquel can be diabetes and heart disease, so I was a bit surprised when the psychiatrist was negative towards me starting to exercise regularly, my physician wasn't overly positive and the NAV bureaucracy that doles out money to me wouldn't set it up as something they would sponsor.

So it seems that the system doesn't mind that I can get diabetes, because it is treatable. At the same time, I guess it advances the medical sciences. [Added a bit later: I guess it is more correct to say that diabetes is *manageable*]

Also, confidential and partially incorrect information has been abused, which means I don't trust the way confidential information is used and find it better to not talk to a psychiatrist at this point.

I'm in a situation now, 2,5 years after going to court with the kids mom, where the interest for her court costs, which I have to pay, is 1000 kroner, has a big impact on my economy. [Added a bit later: That is 1000 kroner per month]

I think the situation would have been different if I had been in an institution initially for a longer time and treated differently, instead of taking a medication that not only treats psychotic symptoms.

But I guess it is a lot cheaper to give a patient pills, and leave him with a person that later turns out would make it very difficult to see the kids, among other things. And if the patient happens to get diabetes, I guess that would be sad, but at the same time it advances the medical sciences.

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