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Charges pressed against the Norwegian police, and the Norwegian health care system

So, earlier today I filed a police report, filed a report, reported the police and health care system, to the police. And to the justice department.

In english, the content of that report was (roughly translated):

Subject: Charges pressed against the Norwegian police, and the Norwegian health care system
Cc: Sveinung Hestad Strand <>


I want to press charges against the Norwegian police, and the Norwegian health care system, for the legally punishable actions they have made, in connection with the case that the woman I have two children with, has made it difficult to see the kids since the summer 2013, as well as other things.

And by actions, I mean that choosing to not do something, is an active choice/action as well.

It looks like the kids mom also before the summer 2013, laid plans to make it difficult for me to see the kids, and I have a reason to also consider that she could have done things, before the firstborn was born, which later could be used in manipulation, making it difficult to see the kids etc.

After a round in court and 4,5 years, it is still difficult to get simple things regarding seeing the kids done. One week before the first time I was seeing the kids after going to court, I was in an accident that could have resulted in paralysis and/or death.

A signed copy of these charges is coming soon.

<signature, date>
<different identification and contact information.>

A PDF of the signed document is here:

[Permalink] [By morphex] [I will soon be reporting the police in Trondheim and Mo i Rana, and the health care system, to the police, for their criminal (in)actions (Atom feed)] [27 Jan 21:34 Europe/Oslo]