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A small victory regarding my kids

So, this week there was a settlement in court, which will enable me to see the kids again, on a regular basis, with the added security of someone from an official department supervising the meets.

However, in the court papers the judge writes that I'm still (mentally) ill, and I think a lot of people that have seen me the last years, will say that I have gotten physically and mentally more fit.

So I'm not sure what to make of that. There are things I'm not taking a stand on in all these court papers / don't agree with, just to get to see the kids.

Anyway, I've been to court once before, and there the court-appointed mental health professionals, INSTITUTT FOR KLINISK FOREBYGGENDE TILTAK - IKFT AS - headed by Sylva Krogh, laid out in broad strokes that the kids mom was great and that I was not. They also had some people evaluating an interaction between me and the oldest son, but they didn't keep that recording.

So, I pressed charges against IKFT AS represented by Sylva Krogh for false testimony, and haven't heard anything from the police regarding this.

This time around there was also one court-appointed mental health professional, Roger Lindqvist, which I talked a bit to, explaining the situation. I have seen notes of the talks he had with me, the kids mom and the kids, but not a conclusion/evaluation/report of what he thinks about it.

Today I fired off an email to Rana Tingrett, with the administrative body for the Norwegian courts on copy, asking if the court-appointed professional for this round in court, was 100% in agreement with what the mental health professionals in the previous round, found in their report.

It will be interesting to see what the response to this is.

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